What Should You Not Write about in Your University Essay?

Do you think that your essay application will not be read? Many students often think that the admission committee will not read university essays due to the many candidates. However, experienced persons on the committee glance at your application, and mistakes in the essay will immediately lead to rejection.

You may be wondering why that so happens. Students look for format and important points in the university essay and follow them blindly, but what about the things you should not write? Before diving into the writing process, you must understand the topics that should not be discussed in the essay.

1.     Success stories:

Your university essay should not demonstrate the awards and achievements you have received. You may think sharing your accomplishments adds a plus point to your essay. However, you need to adjust your perspective before stepping into the university.

The admission committee has already gone through your extra-curricular activities and saw your awards. Therefore, they demand insight into your personality. Therefore, don’t brag about your success story in your essay and stand out among the competitors. for detained comics explanation check out myreadingmanga

2.     Sharing negative aspects:

Writing the truth is a good way to portray yourself as an honest and righteous person, but it may cause trouble in your essay. It does not mean telling lies but trying to manipulate things that do not represent negative and irrelevant things towards you. Try to avoid discussing your weakness, failures, and negative aspects of your life in the essays. Consider discussing the challenges and lessons learned from these failures creatively and cleverly. Representing a bad image in front of committee members may create serious issues regarding your applications.

3.     Humour and jokes:

Writing follows different styles. Some people tried to utilize a creative style, while others used a storytelling approach. Showing creative writing is a good way to secure marks; however, adding humor and jokes will ultimately decrease your chances of selection. A university essay showed the seriousness of a student for admission to the university. That is why the admission committee has stricter criteria for selection. So try to use a natural and conversational tone and avoid cracking jokes in the essay. If you are a narrative style person, write humbly with authentic vocabulary that gathers the attention of the person reading.

4.     Discussion of disputable ideas:

Not every topic is discussable. Even if it is, differences in opinions will always lead to conflict. Each person shows biasness towards any political or religious topic thus, and it is prohibited for the committee to decide on that. If your field is related to social issues or political sciences, avoid discussing them in your essay. Your ideas or opinions might hurt someone’s feelings and affect your selection chances. Do not convince the reader to encourage your beliefs. Rather it is safe to stay away from sensitive topics.

5.     Sharing trip experiences:

Are you a travel lover person? If yes, suppress your trip and volunteering experience while writing the essay. It shows your diverse cultural experience and social skills but does not give you a chance to stand out in the competition. The admission committee is not interested in reading about what places you have visited and what societies you joined; rather, they are curious about how these experiences help groom your personality. Try to include interesting and significant moments of your travel story and discuss how they influence your personality.

6.     Unfortunate experiences:

Misfortune happens in every person’s life. Discussing your dead parents, lost friends, or any other psychological issues is not comfortable. These are personal events and should not be discussed openly. Most students get the advantage of the essay and start describing their accomplishments from these tragic events. It is better to avoid risky topics which make your personality judgmental and show aberrant behavior. Try to communicate your feelings as a strong and motivated person without plunging into such tragedies.

7.     Immoral behavior topics:

A University essay is an application that demonstrates your personality and future goals. Enthusiastic and passionate students shared their stories of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. The committee has time to read your tragic story, and your essay will go to the rejected list.

These topics will create problems, and your personality might be judged. Please do not be ashamed to have such past experiences; it is your choice to add. It is too risky to discuss these topics in the essay. Writing an essay is not a difficult task. Rather it demands full concentration and a skillful way to deal with it. You may approach university essay help online services that will help and collaborate with you in writing an exceptional essay.

8.     Inspiration from a role model:

Having a personality to admire is a good way to get motivation and inspiration. However, if you want to add them in your essay, avoid them at all costs. University essay is more about you, not about explaining what personality or hero you like. Choosing a role model as an example to describe yourself is not an appropriate way to represent yourself.

Admission committees are tired of reading heroic stories due to the greater number of applicants. Try to add unique and relevant content that shows more about yourself. A university essay is more about the person’s inner voice so try to write most expressively to enhance your acceptance rate.


In conclusion, you must stay proactive in researching the best content for your essay. Some topics and ideas are personal and should not be discussed in the university essay. A high academic score and extra-curricular activities do not make a winning application. Rather it’s determination and proper plant that will make you successful. Give yourself enough time to sit and think about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of your essay so that you can focus on creating a winning application with quality content and impressive writing skills. Don’t waste your time, and start preparing your dream university essay with these tips.

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