URBAN AIR! Price, attractions, birthday parties, WI-FI, etc.

Urban Air has everything a kid might want in an indoor playground, including trampolines, ropes courses, and climbing walls.


The opening of Urban Air’s Adventure Park on June 15th, which bills itself as “the world’s premier indoor trampoline and Adventure Park,” has caused quite a stir in the Stapleton area. The Stapleton Scoop was in line for the launch of urban air’s birthday party, an indoor park located a few streets east of the new Starbucks on 40th Avenue, just south of I-70, and we’ve been back (and jumping!) ever since.


Let’s start with some cost discussion. You can check the different prices for you and your kids to play on the attractions at Urban Air on the pricing board at the main entrance. My two sons and I got an Ultimate Pass at the park’s debut, and they had a blast riding all the rides and seeing all the attractions. Discount available on urban air coupons.


By our second trip, we’d decided to spring for the Basic admission. Even though the trampolines included with the Basic tickets are fantastic, my elder kid was eager to see the parks many other offerings. He spent the day jumping about on the trampolines and in the Dodgeball arena built entirely out of trampolines.


You can watch for free if you’re a parent, but if you want to join in the fun, you’ll have to pay. You and your child will require the $2.50 Urban Air’s gripping socks that can be purchased at the front desk if you decide to join in on the fun. Urban air birthday party if you prefer, you may keep the socks for your next visit.


That is the daily rate for Urban Air. If you plan on making frequent trips to Urban Air, though, you may want to consider signing up for a monthly or long-term membership. Please continue on if you’re interested in learning more about our monthly membership plans!


The minimum and maximum height restrictions for participating in the various attractions of urban air’s birthday party vary. Even though he’s only two years old, my youngest kid really enjoyed himself on the trampolines, especially in “The Bowl,” an area specifically designed for youngsters of his or her age.


The photo of the price list also includes the following text: “5 and Under Access level is dependent on the children’s attraction eligibility.” If you’re under 41″, you’re eligible for the deluxe pass. If you’re above 41, you’ll get Ultimate membership. This means that your taller toddler may be able to take use of more of the park’s features.


My 6-year-old son and I had already spent two days at the theme park when I asked him to give me his own top three favorites. I’ll quote what he said:

Jamie had a blast spending the day at the Dodgeball Arena, where they combine trampolines with dodgeball. I also like that there is a staff member waiting at the Dodgeball Arena entrance to make sure that kids of all ages have a blast and stay safe.


Jamie’s first experience on a ropes course was at the opening of Urban Air. The story held his attention. He made his way cautiously around the course and emerged from it grinning. What an amazing opportunity for a young child to test his or her limits!

My kids really liked the Tubes Playground, particularly the rapid and exciting slides on urban air’s birthday party. The Tubes are a fun way to get some fresh air and see the world from thirty feet in the air while waving to Mom and Dad. The Tubes Playground has a height restriction to ensure that neither taller children nor their parents may ruin the pleasure for the little ones.


The Sky Rider, Climbing Walls, Pro Zone, Warrior Course, and more are just a few of the other exciting features.

Alcoholic Beverages, Food, and Wine

All the traditional child fare is available at Urban Air, from chicken wings and pizza to pizza fries and funnel cake fries. Listed below is a photo of the menu board:


Good news, parents: Urban Air will soon be selling bottles of wine and beer made in the area. After finalizing the terms of their liquor license, Urban Air hopes to begin selling beer and wine in the coming weeks, making weekend getaways there even more tempting for parents.


Urban Air is consistently chosen as one of the top locations for children’s urban air birthday party. Because their celebrations are fun for children of all ages. Upon entering, your eyes will be drawn to the eight separate party rooms that line the north and east walls and are walled in glass.

The party rooms are spacious, simple to locate, and uniquely designed with detachable walls. If you want slot bet 200 to throw your kid a little urban air’s birthday party with only a few friends, Urban Air can do that. If you want to have a big party with 50 of their closest pals, they can take down some barriers.


A large number of seats and Wi-Fi are available for spectators at Urban Air. It is feasible to sit down with a laptop and quickly send e-mails at Urban Air since my spouse did it last Monday without any distractions. Huge benefit!


If you’re thinking about becoming a regular visitor to Urban Air, here’s a glimpse at their monthly price plans:

You’ve arrived at Urban Air’s Stapleton base. The Denver, Colorado location of Urban Air is: 9550 East 40th Avenue, 80238.

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