How Can I Upload an EML File to My Google Workspace or G Suite Account?

Upload an EML File to My Google Workspace or G Suite Account

If customers are looking for a solution to the topic “how to import EML file to a G Suite account? How to open.eml file in Gmail?” As a result, this blog will answer all of your queries.

Google Apps/G Suite


Google Workspace (G Suite) is a cloud-based solution. The best thing is that Google Apps provides a friendly environment that is quite beneficial in the corporate world. Users prefer the G suite because of its additional features and ease of use. G Suite gives you access to a variety of Google products, including calendars, documents, slides, and hangouts. Furthermore, because the data is kept in the cloud, you can access it from any location and with any device.

EML (Electromagnetic Laboratory)


The EML (electromagnetic Laboratory) file extension is used to save email communications. Many email clients, including Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and Outlook Express, save and export their email messages in .eml format. Users occasionally request that their data be saved in EML format as a backup.


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Convert EML Files to a G Suite Account Automatically


Importantly, there is no way to import EML files into a G Suite (Google Apps) account at the moment. As a result, users desire a dependable way to retain their data.

A clever and reliable approach to importing EML messages with attachments to a G Suite account is with the Softaken EML Converter Tool. It is basic, quick, and easy-to-use software. The app simultaneously transfers several EML data files to your G Suite account. Furthermore, the program incorporates a slew of new and exciting features, including the following:

Benefits of the Tool:


  • Support uploads a large number of EML files to Gmail at once.
  • Each email message supports all attachments.
  • It enables you to save your file in multiple languages.
  • The software supports the import of EML files from several mail clients.

Converting EML to Google Apps (G Suite)


Using the free trial version to convert EML to a Google Workspace (G Suite) account. In the Demo edition, the software allows you to convert a few emails from each folder to G Suite.

EML to Gsuite

  • Second, run it and attentively read the instructions to upload EML to your Gmail account.
  • Finally, select one of the options from the list of files/folders.
  • Select EML files/folders and then click the next button.
  • Then, from the available file formats, pick Gmail.
  • Enter your Gmail account information, such as your email address and password, and then click the next button.
  • Please wait while we import EML files into your Gmail account.
  • When the conversion is finished, press the OK button to confirm.
  • Finally, go into your Gmail account and view the imported emails and their associated details.

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Final Conclusion


Finally, we provide you with the best instructions for adding EML files to your G Suite account. Most importantly, it is simple for users to utilize. Using this software to access G Suite-stored EML messages won’t present any problems.


Is it possible to import several EML files into the G Suite at the same time?

No, you can only manually import one EML file at a time; but, using our program, you can import several files at once.

What is the application’s maximum file size?

No, there is no size limit; you can upload an unlimited number of EML files to your Gmail account.

Can I use this software to import an Apple Mail EMLX file into G Suite?

Yes, you may use this software to import an Apple Mail EMLX file into G Suite for MAC OS.

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