Turn your photo into a Simpsons cartoon with Simpsonize Yourself

Are you a fan of the Simpsons or one of its characters? Do you want to try to simpsonize me yourself and turn a photograph into a Simpson cartoon? If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right spot because you’ll discover an easy, quick, and free way to convert your photo, or your face, into a Simpson character.

You will change into a Simpson character who looks just like you, not one of the famous Simpsons like Marge, Bart, Lisa, or Homer.

Once the change is complete, you may share the new photo with friends, family, or coworkers. You have the option of creating your own avatar or printing and framing the new drawing.

Photo Cartoon is the service or program to utilize. This program is previously covered in our article on how to cartoonize oneself. Because the Simpsons are one of the most popular cartoons in the world, the option of changing your photo into a Simpson figure is unmissable.

The best way to make a Simpson character with your photo

Go to the free PhotoCartoon.net site first. On this page, you will able to choose a photo to be changed into a cartoon or even a Simpson character.

Select a portrait of you by clicking the Choose File option and then select the image with your face clearly visible. To turn just your face into a Simpson character, it is best to use a photo in which no one else is present save you.

Wait for the page with the “cartoon” effects that you may add to your photo to open after pressing the CARTOONIZE button. The various effects may selected from the left side of the screen. Search for and choose the SIMPSON effect from among them, and your photo will instantly changed into a Simpson character, as seen in the sample figure below:

You may (if you want) change various picture attributes like contrast, brightness, and transparency from the toolbar on the right of the window. On your “Simpsonized” image, you may also add text. The “Simpson” fashion. The image will saved to your computer, where you may then edit it as necessary.

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To launch The Simpsons Movie DVD, America becomes Simpsonized

Burger King and Fox “Simpsonized” the crowds to promote the release of The Simpsons Movie this summer. So, to promote the film’s DVD release on December 19. It only seems sensible to take viral marketing a step further and simpsonize America. New York will undergo the most drastic transformation.

According to Reuters, the Simpsonizing will continue in Los Angeles, where downtown commuters will receive free pink frosted doughnuts, and enormous inflatable Homer Santas will decorate the sidewalks. Yellow Simpson’s Santa hats and free parking are available in different locations around the United States. Keep a watch out for bright pink doughnut-shaped balloons connected to parking meters, which indicate free parking.

With a special Simpsons ice skating rink in Bryant Park, and a live choir. Costumed characters, and — wait for it — a duet with Homer and Spider Pig. New York will receive the most dramatic makeover. The Empire State Building will illuminated in Simspons-yellow lights tonight. And the park will decorated with a Simpsons Christmas tree and vibrant yellow grass. Food items including doughnuts, hot cocoa, and samples of Ben & Jerry’s Simpson’s flavor are among the free Simpsons offerings “D’oh! and Duff! Nuts.”


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