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Standard boxes are the leading cause of ruining online businesses:

Have you ever noticed why your online business is not boosting the way it should? Or why your physical store business is better than others? You can only increase your online business if you pay attention to that issue. Let us assist you. There are two main reasons for that issue.

Reason 1:

People who shop online are attracted to the exclusive and eye-catchy packaging. If you sell your pencil in standard custom pencil boxes, how will people pay attention to it?

Reason 2:

Reason two has a strong connection with reason one. Because attractive packaging can attract buyers to your product. After that, they can only be satisfied if the product is delivered securely. But less durable boxes get broken, torn, and crumbled during dispatching. Due to that, the product’s quality affects too.

In conclusion, it’s happening just because of using standard boxes rather than custom. But for that purpose, you need a reliable packaging solution, iCustomBoxes. It does your online business

  • 110% secure and safe while dispatching
  • Attractive and exclusive to seek buyers’ attention while scrolling

Customize Pen Boxes

Are you looking for a reasonable packaging solution for your business? Then you are at the right place. Thus, iCustomBoxes always provide you with unbeatable quality material, printing tools, color schemes, and all packaging tools at budget-friendly rates. And without extra charges or tex. It’s because of our happy customer policy, which says your business and services are worthless when people can’t afford them. And if you want people to help you be the best packaging solution in the world, help them too.

Therefore, we support our customers in all possible economically. Moreover, we offer seasonal discounts after a few months, so the buyers can earn extra profits and stabilize their business. The new year 2023 sale is one of them.

How iCustomBoxes make 110% secure and safe dispatching?

1. Durable quality material (for product protection)

The base of the product packaging is a durable material. How will the box last for long if the base is not strong? Therefore, we provide 100% durable cardboard and kraft material boxes of pencils packaging. Both these are

  • 100 % Eco friendly
  • Environmental factors resistant
  • Humidity resistant
  • Print and customizable
  • Provide complete protection to the inner products
  • economical

2. Laminations and coatings (for outer protection)

To make a custom pencil box 110% durable, we do laminations and coatings. They provide an extra layer of protection for the print and box surface. It also protects the box from

  • Getting soggy due to humidity
  • Crumbled or wrinkled due to pressure
  • Tear or break while transferring from one place to another

3. Custom cardboard and kraft inserts (for inner protection)

The laminations and box material are helpful for outer protection. For inner protection, we use custom inserts. Thus, the pencil is made up of delicate, which can break easily while continuously striking while dispatching.  The custom inserts keep the pencils immobile and create partitions between them. Due to that, they don’t collide and strike with each other and remain safe of led breakage while dispatching.

How to make pencil boxes attractive and exclusive through custom packaging?

1. Select a unique box style for a custom pencil box:

To seek people’s attention, you must do it differently than others. The unique choice in box style can make a difference. If the box style is different, it will give a different feel.  For pencil boxes, you can choose any box style you like. Our experts will modify it according to the measurement and depth you provide. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Sleeve and tray box style with die-cut window
  • Two-piece box style with belly bands

2. Make superior design choices for custom pencil boxes:

Nothing is more attractive than unique designs and images in custom packaging. That’s why we urge you to choose a unique design for penial boxes wisely. Kids mostly use pencils to create their favorite cartoons and animated creature images. And for color shading PMS and CMYK color schemes. It’s up to your choice. Both are amazing for giving perfect color combos. But PMS gives more color options compared to CMYK.

3. Give impressive finishing with iCustomBoxes enhancements options:

If you want to give an exclusive and mind-blowing touch to the custom pencil box, use iCustomBoxes add-ons. If you use enhancements for box finishing, no one can turn his head toward the product. Here are a few suggestions.

a. Hot stamp foiling for gleaming effect:

As the custom box is used for promotional purposes, it should be sparkling and gleaming. You can use hot stamp foiling in premium gold and silver shades. Both are premium shades, and the box looks expensive when you apply these shades. Further, you can use other shades like red, copper, blue, and grey for bordering animated images or designs.

b. Die-cut window for inner showoff:

It would be unjust to hide different designs and glittery pencils in the fully covered box. Thus, the kids are crazy about such pencils. They can stare inside if you customize a die-cut window on the box. Also, the die-cut windows intensify the box’s beauty.

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